Live Shows

Spring¬†2015 –¬†Shows in the works.

Performed custom live visuals for Trey Frey, Virt, Danimal Cannon, DJ Cutman, 8Static, and MAGFest as well as but not limited to:

Animal Style, An0va, Ap0c, A-Rival, Awesome Force, Auxice, Bear & Walrus, Barbeque, Benjamin Briggs, Beverage, Bit Gen Festival, bLiNd, Bright Primate, Byte Nyte, Cheap Dinosaur, Cartoonbomb, Chipocrite, Companion, Compy, CMKT4, Condor, Crimespree, Cuttlefish, CxFx, Dain Saint, Da Pantz, Datacats, Dauragon, Defiant Systems, DJ Doctor Wily, DJ McGranaman, DJ Supersonic, Drone Theory, Enerjawn, exileFaker, Flexstyle, Forever The Win, GameChops, Grimecaft, I am (noun), Inverse Phase, Kedromelon, Kevin Villecco, Knife City, Mail Order Monster, Megaflare, Men of Mega, Marshall Art, minusbaby, Pixel8ter, Revengineers, SKGB, Skull Vomit, Snesei, Stormblooper, Sushi Killer, Temp Sound Solutions, Time Columns, Thorizine Unicorn, Totentanz, Void Vision, and Zen Albatross.

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